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Kennel News

   We have puppies of the Staffordshire Bull terrier...

from the daughter of the World champion-2011 and UK champion- Britstaff By Jove Over Dumbriton! more info...



   Itcheboren Pink Attitude (Ch.Leger King Gambit By Ramblix JW (UK)-Itcheboren Just For Me Dobanic) own. Altyshova & Vokina
11.02.2012 Moscow (SBT Specialty,judge Stefan Shinko)- ex-3,JCC
22.01.2012 Moscow (SBT Specialty, Khamasuridze R)-Best junior bitch и Young Ch SBT club!
22.01.2012 Moscow ( CAC-show,judge Kuplyauskus)- JCAC
22.01.2012 Moscow (CAC-show,judge Vasilyev)- JCAC,BJ и JCh.Russia!
21.01.2012 St.-Petersburg (SBT Specialty,judge Chistyakova L)- Best junior & Club winner!
21.01.2012 St.-Petersburg (CAC-show,judge Silviana Tomposki)- JCAC,Best junior
26.12.2011 Moscow (CAC-show,judge Chaykovskaya F)- JCAC, Best junior
26.12.2011 Moscow (CAC-show, judge Oleynikova O)- ex-2, rjCAC
3.12.2011 Moscow (CAC-show, judge Leonova N)- JCAC,Best junior
13.11.2011 Moscow Terrier Union (Gerard Cox(Ir)- ex-2,JCC
21.08.2011 Klin (SBT Specialty,judge Chistyakova L)- Best puppy bitch!
07.08.2011 Moscow CAC-show - Best puppy of breed!
28.05.2011 Moscow (Terrier Union,judge Radvansky K,Hungari) - Best baby!
21.05.2011 Moscow (SBT Specialty)- ex-3
15.05.2011 Moscow (САС-Show,judge Chaykovskaya ) - Best baby & BIS baby-1!!!

   Gambling Charm Mad About You (Britstaff By Jove Over Dumbriton x S.B Agness) own.Kochetova & Altyshova
23.10.2011 St.-Petersburg (SBT Championship,Galvin Eric)- ex-3,СС
8.10.2011 Moscow (CACIB-show,Russia)- CW,CAC
21.08.2011 Klin (SBT Specialty,judge Chistyakova L)- CW,КЧК,3 place in competition on the Best Dog of the Russian Breeding.
17.07.2011 Viimsi/Estonia (CAC-show,Robert Blumel(Austria)- CW,CAC,BOS!
16.07.2011 Viimsi/Estonia (CAC-show,Pierluigi Buratti(it)- CW,CAC,res.BOS
28.05.2011 Moscow (Terrier Union,Radvansky K(Hungari)- ex-3
21.05.2011 Moscow (SBT Specialty)- ex-3,СС
15.05.2011 Moscow (CAC-show)- CW,CAC,BOS,Ch.Russia!
15.05.2011 Moscow (CAC-show)- CW,CAC,BOS
03.04.2011 Moscow (CAC-show)judge Jeff Harswell(UK)- CW,CAC,BOS,ВОВ,BIG-3 RKF Ch.!
28.11.2010 Moscow (CAC-show)- CW,JCAC, JCh.Russia!
14.11.2010 Moscow (CAC-show)- CW,JCAC
14.11.2010 Moscow (CAC-show)- CW,JCAC
31.10.2010 Sergev-Passad,(CAC-show,judge Senashenko)- CW,JCAC,Best junior
16.10.2010 Moscow (САСIB-show "RUSSIA",judge Falk Siewert ) – ex-2, R.JCAC Photo,Photo
11.09.2010 St.-Petersburgг,(SBT Championship-2010,judge Mr Bill McKnight (Belnite Staffords)- vp-4
21.08.2010 Klin, (SBT Specialty,judge Pat Harkin ,UK)- CW,Best puppy bitch!

   Gambling Charm Makes Me Wonder (Britstaff By Jove Over Dumbriton x S.B Agness) own.Kornienko & Altyshova
25.03.2012 Moscow (Eurasia-2,CACIB-show (John Walsh)- CW,CAC,res.CACIB
24.03.2012 Moscow (Eurasia-1,CACIB-show)- ex 3 place
11.02.2012 Moscow (SBT Specialty,judge Stefan Shinko)- CW,КЧК
13.11.2011 Moscow (Terrier Union,Gerard Cox(Ir)- CW,КЧТС
23.10.2011 St.-Petersburg,SBT Championship,Galvin Eric- ex-2,СС
8.10.2011 Moscow,Russia САСIB-show, -ex-3
21.08.2011 Klin (SBT Specialty,judge Chistyakova)- CW,КЧК
19.06.2011 Moscow,САС-show -CAC,BOS,BOB,BIG-3!
28.05.2011 Moscow (Terrier Union,Katalin Radvansky,Hungari)- CW,КЧТС
21.05.2011 Moscow (SBT Specialty)- ex-3
24.04.2011 Moscow ,2хСАС-show - 2хCAC,2хBOS,2хBOB,Ch.Russia!
16.04.2011 Moscow ,САС-show (Anna-Maria Wizmathy,Hungari)-CAC,BOS,BOB
10.04.2011 Moscow ,САС-show -CAC,BJ,BOB,BIG-4
27.02.2011 Moscow ,(Terrier Union,Shaun Watson)- ex-2,СС
12.12.2010 Moscow ,(САС-show, Chistyakova L)-JCAC,BJ,BOB,BIG-1,J.BIS-2 и BIS-1!!!!JCh.Russia!
7.11.2010 Moscow,(САС-show,judge Kashirin)-JCAC,BJ,BOB!
16.10.2010 Moscow (САСIB-show "RUSSIA",judge Falk Siewert ) – ex, R.JCAC ФОТО
3.10.2010 Moscow (САС-show)–JCAC,BJ,BOB,BIG-3 ФОТО
12.09.2010 Moscow, (SBT Specialty,judge Ostrovskaya)- CW, Best Puppy
4.09.2010 Moscow, (SBT Specialty,judge Bauges) – CW,Best puppy male ФОТО
21.08.2010 Klin, (SBT Specialty,judge Pat Harkin,UK)- VP-3

   Gambling Charm Molly Mallone (Britstaff By Jove Over Dumbriton x S.B Agness) own.Kiseleva A.
26.02.2012 Minsk, (CACIB-show) - CW,CAC,res.CACIB
25.02.2012 Minsk, (CACIB-show,judge Dorota Vitkovska,PL)- CW,CAC,CACIB,Grand Ch.Belarussia!
17.12.2011 Minsk, (CAC-show) - CW,CAC,BOB & Ch.Belarussia!
10.12.2011 St.-Petersburg, (CACIB-show,judge Zoran Brankovich)- CW,CAC,CACIB,BOB
23.10.2011 St.-Petersburg,(SBT Championship,judge Galvin Eric) - CW,BOS,Ch SBT club & Grand Ch Russia!!!
7.07.2011 France/Paris,World Championship - excellent
7.07.2011 France/Paris,France Championship (Nagler MagalL Yolanda) - excellent
26.06.2011 St.-Petersburg, (CACIB-show,judge Uroshevich)- CW,CAC,CACIB
25.06.2011 St.-Petersburg, (CACIB-show,judge Belkin) - CW,CAC,CACIB,BOB!
30.04.2011 St.-Petersburg, (CACIB-show) - CW,ЛС,CACIB,BOB
24.04.2011 St.-Petersburg, (SBT Specialty,judge Chistyakova)- CW,CC
24.04.2011 St.-Petersburg, (CAC-show) - CW,BOS,BOB!
09.04.2011 St.-Petersburg, (CAC-show) - CW,CAC Ch.Russia!
20.03.2011 St.-Petersburg, (CAC-show) - CW,CAC,BOS,BOB!
20.03.2011 St.-Petersburg, (CAC-show) - CW,CAC,BOS,BOB!
22.01.2011 St.-Petersburg, (SBT Specialty,judge Boris Shapiro)- ex-2,JCC
30.10.2010 St.-Petersburg, (CAC-show) - CW,JCAC,Best Junior & JCh.Russia!
19.09.2010 St.-Petersburg, (CAC-show,judge Bogdanova)- CW,JCAC,BJ,BOB!
19.09.2010 St.-Petersburg, (CAC-show,judge Kuleshova)- CW,JCAC,Best junior
11.09.2010 St.-Petersburg, (SBT Championship-2010,judge Mr Bill McKnight (Belnite Staffords) – CW,Best puppy of Breed ФОТО
11.07.2010 St.-Petersburg, (CAC-show,judge Stefan Popov,BL)- CW, Best Puppy
13.06.2010 St.-Petersburg, (CACIB-show,judge Khamasuridze R)- CW, Best baby
18.04.2010 St.-Petersburg, (CACIB-show,judge Ramon Podesta)- CW, Best baby

   Gambling Charm Mind Breaker (Britstaff By Jove Over Dumbriton x S.B Agness) own.Vetrov I.
11.09.2011 Irkutsk,(САС-show)- CW,CAC,BOS,BOB,Ch.Russia!
24.07.2011 Irkutsk,(САС-show)- CW,CAC,BOS,BOB!
05.06.2011 Irkutsk,(Terrier Union,Rita Francis)-CW,КЧТС,BOS,BOB
07.05.2011 Irkutsk,(САС-show)- CW,CAC,BOS,BOB!
13.02.2011 Irkutsk,(САС-show,judge Bondar') - CW,JCAC,BJ,BOB & JCh.Russia!
09.01.2011 Irkutsk,(САС-show) - CW,JCAC,ЛЮ,ЛПП!
10.10.2010 Irkutsk,(САС-show,judge Gerasimova) - CW,JCAC,BJ,BOB & BIG-3!
02.10.2010 Irkutsk,(САС-show,judge Lashkova) - CW,JCAC,BJ,BOB!
06.06.2010 Irkutsk,(Terrier Union,judge Kashirin) - CW, Best baby
06.06.2010 Irkutsk,(САС-show,judge Shiyan) - CW, Best baby
04.04.2010 Irkutsk,(САС-show,judge Barbosov) - CW, Best baby
04.04.2010 Irkutsk,(САС-show,judge Kharatishvili) - CW, Best baby

   Gambling Charm Midnight Pleasure (Britstaff By Jove Over Dumbriton x S.B Agness) own.Kormilicina
19.02.2011 Moscow, (CAC-show) - CW,JCAC
31.10.2010 Krasnogorsk, (CAC-show,judge Burykin)- CW,JCAC,BJ,BOB,BIG-3 и JCh.Russia!!
24.10.2010 Moscow, (CAC-show) - CW,JCAC,Best Junior
03.10.2010 Obninsk, (CAC-show) - CW,JCAC,BJ,BOB!
19.09.2010 Yaroslavl, (CAC-show,judge Ovsanikova)). - CW,JCAC,BJ,BOB!
21.08.2010 Klin, (SBT Specialty,judge Pat Harkin,UK)- 3 place
23.05.2010 Krasnogorsk, (CAC-show,judge Chupris). - CW, Best baby & BIS baby-4

   Gambling Charm Call Me As You Want (Strong Stael Billy Banter x Skyfire Blessing Agness) вл. Аникин & Алтышова
23.10.2011 St._Petersburg (SBT Championship,Galvin Eric)- CW,КЧК,Ch SBT club & Grand Ch.Russia!!!
21.08.2011 Klin (SBT Specialty,judge Chistyakova)- ex-2,CC,2 place in competition on the Best Dog of the Russian Breeding.
Moscow (SBT Specialty) - ex-3,CC
21.08.2010 Klin (SBT Specialty,judge mr.Pat Harkin,UK)- ex-2,CC
16.05.2010 Reutov (CAC-show,judge S.Carter) – CW,CAC,BOS,BOB and Ch of Russia!!!
17.04.2010 Moscow (Championship Terrier-Union,judge Frantisek Szalai,Slovakia) – 1-ex, BOS and Ch.Terrier-Union of Russia!!!
11.04.2010 Moscow (SBT Specialty,judge Mr.Geoff Faulkner (Glowud) – 2-ex, CC
28.03.2010 Moscow (Eurasia-2, CACIB-show,judge Mr M.Polivanov, Russia)- 1st in intermediate bicthes, САС !
27.03.2010 Moscow (Eurasia-1, CACIB-show, (judge Mr Falk Siewert,Germany) – excellent in intermedia class
28.02.2010 Moscow (CAC-show,judge Homasuridze.R) – CW,CAC,BOS
06.12.2009 Moscow (SBT Specialty,judge Mr.Harry Carter (Seastaff,UK) – CW,Y-Club Winner & Young Ch SBT club
09.10.2009 WORLD DOG SHOW-2009, Bratislava, Slovakia, Judge - Cristian Stefanescu (RO) - excellent
08.10.2009 INTERRA-2009, Bratislava, Slovakia,Judge - Kevin Jones (UK, Maxsta) - excellent
29.08.2009 Klin (CAC-show,judge Alexandrov) – CW, JCAC,Best junior, JBIS - 3 & JCh.Russia ФОТО
23.05.2009 Moscow (SBT Championship,judge Rob Drummond (UK, Sparstaff) - CW, Best puppy
29.03.2009 Moscow (SBT Specialty,judge Chistyakova) - CW, Best baby

   Gambling Charm Jack Daniels (Maximus Gladiator x Giltoniel Zazhigajushaja Zvezdy) вл Бризетский С
23.01.2011 Москва, CAC-show – CAC,BOS,BOB
23.01.2011 Москва, CAC-show – CAC,BOS,BOB,BIG-2 & Ch.Russia
26.12.2010 Москва, CAC-show – CW,CAC,BOS
25.12.2010 Москва, CAC-show –CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG-1,BIS-1
??.11.2010 Москва, CAC-show – CW, CAC, BOS, BOB

   Gambling Charm Cream Lemon (Strong Stael Billy Banter x Skyfire Blessing Agness) вл Ишмулкин В
11.04.2010 Ekaterinburg, (CACIB-show) – CW, CAC, BOS, CACIB, Ch.RKF
20.02.2010 Miass, CAC-show – CW, CAC, BOS & BOB
13.09.2009 Chelyabinsk ,CAC-show – CW,JCAC,BJ,Best of Breed & Young Ch of Russia
15-16.08.2009 Chelyabinsk ,CACIB-show – CW,JCAC,Best Junior of Breed
25.07.2009 Zlatoust,CAC-show – CW,JCAC,Best Junior of Breed
11.07.2009 Novouralsk,CAC-show – CW,JCAC,BJ & Best of Breed
11.07.2009 Novouralsk,Terrier Specialty – CW,Best Junior,BOB & Young Ch Terrier Union of Russia
27.06.2009 Ekaterinburg,Terrier Specialty – CW,Y-club winner,Best Junior,Best of Breed
17.05.2009 Zlatoust, CAC-show – CW & Best Puppy of Breed
25.04.2009 г. Екатеринбург – CW и Лучший щенок
21.02.2009 г. Миас, эксперт Крылова Е - CW, Лучший бэби

   Skyfire Blessing Agness
23.05.2009 г. Москва SBT Championship , эксперт Rob Drummond (Англия, Sparstaff) - CW, КЧК
17.01.2009 г. Санкт-Петербург Монопородная Выставка SBT (ранг ПК) -CW, КЧК, ПК, Best Female! Закрыла титул- Чемпион НКП и Гранд Чемпион России
17.01.2009 г. Санкт-Петербург Терьер-Союз ранга ПК - CW, КЧК-TU, ПК Best Female!!!

   Maximus Gladiator сертификат теста на дисплазию тазобедренных и локтевых суставов. (HD-B, ED - 0)

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   Поздравляем папу Strong Stael Billy Banter четвертый год подряд он Топ-стаффорд в рейтинге НКП ( 2004, 2005, 2006 и 2007 г),а так же ВОВ Национальных Выставок 2004-2005-2007 и 2008 года !

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